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So, Euro 2012 has begun. Since Friday, the only opportunity to go out with our male friends or boyfriends will be only on days when there aren't any matches on TV. These screens filled with people chasing after the ball stole men (and some women) souls. Anyway, I'm not going to write about technical sides of Euro like teams and chances to win for a simple reason - I don't know anything about it. Instead, I want to focus on something else.

I wish I lived in a bigger city. I could go to "fan zone" to watch matches on a big screen with friends and attend some competitions or flash mobs and win some prizes. More import_ant thing about living in e.g. Warsaw during Euro, though, is the chance of meeting foreigners. I'd really love to meet some new people from all over Europe and hang out with them. I could tell them lots about Poland just trying to fix our image abroad - the championship is a great opportunity to show the world that Poland isn't only about folklore, WWII or querulous and drunk people. I hope people who'll have the occasion to spend some time with tourists will use it properly, not for nagging about our country, but for exalting it. We have a lot to be proud of and recent events (like fighting against ACTA) showed that we can unite and forget about differences for a good cause. Our nation is ful of virtues and we must ephasize it at every turn. Euro is the perfect prospect for that.

Another qualities of Euro are celebrities and concerts. Imagine being a fan of some players like Cristiano Ronaldo or Wayne Rooney and accidentaly bumping into them in the street. I know that's almost impossible but who's gonna stop you from dreaming? If I were a fan of a particular player, I'd do whatever it took to meet him. I mean it. For sure. I guess... And concerts? I went to Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds' gig in March to Berlin because their tour excluded Poland. The show was amazing and I don't regret going to it. But something touched me deep inside the day I found out they were going to play in Gdansk in June. I'd have to go further and pay more but I would enjoy them in Poland which would be a whole different experience. There will be a few famous singers and lots of small unfamiliar bands that will perform in fan zones in Euro cities so people can finally go see their favourite artists right near their homes. There was also Orange Warsaw Festival with Linkin Park and The Prodigy as line-up last weekend, so Poland is a hotspot as far as music gigs this June are concerned.

I hold the view that events like Euro are needed in our coutry. Chances to show us from the best side and enjoy this happening's craziness are countless. As I said, I'm not keen on football but, to my own amazement, I'm going to watch as many matches as possible and have fun because of it. Maybe there's an eager supporter inside of me trying to break loose at last?




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