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Strona główna Shaggy Dog English! A PIECE OF SCIENCE!


We’ve already seen a lot of culture here, all the reviews and poetry, so how about something different now? Would you like to know some curiosities from the world of science? Even if you’re not a science-freak, you may find some of these stories interesting, so feel invited!

Did you know that facial surgery has been practiced since year 600 before Christ? In the XIX century, to improve the shape of their faces and make them more beautiful, women used to have injected things like wax, olive oil, Vaseline, glycerin boiled in carbolic acid and even silicone. As you may suspect, such practice wasn’t healthy at all, in fact it led to many illnesses.

Studies have shown, that there are so many viruses on the planet, that if you lined them up one by one, they would form a line 200 million light years long. That means there are for instance about 30 billion of them in a half a liter of ocean water. Don’t worry though, these are viruses which infect the bio-life of the ocean, so basically they’re harmless for human.

Henry Ford was not only the first to invent a car, but also to invent an assembly line. He went further than anyone before and thought what would happen, if he took several guys instead of only one, line them up and make them push the product to the next man. By the end of 1913 there were 3 assembly lines making Model T. It took them 12 hours to make a single car and now, after a century, the time it takes is just 93 minutes, but, what’s more important, his invention led to creation of mass production.

Last, but not least – have you ever heard about spidergoats? I bet you haven’t. They live in a farm in Utah, behave like ordinary goats, look like ordinary goats, but they’re just disguised. What makes them unique is a spider gene put into their DNA. It makes them produce a protein which the spider web is made of with their milk. Of course it’s no ordinary farm, it is a part of Utah State University and such undertaking is not only driven by curiosity. Spider web is uniquely strong and bio-compatible, so in the future it might be used on a medical field.

Hope you enjoyed this handful of stories. Have a nice day!





Trochę statystyki

Szkoła działa od 1.09.1987. Jej mury opuściło ponad 5.000 absolwentów. Obecnie edukacją 19 klas zajmuje się 40 nauczycieli.

Nie tylko nauka

Oprócz zajęć dydaktycznych proponujemy spotkania w ramach kół zainteresowań i różnorodne zajęcia sportowe. Od wielu lat działa szkolne koło wolontariatu.

Stale w czołówce

Nasi uczniowie odnoszą sukcesy w konkursach i olimpiadach, zdobywają medale w zawodach sportowych, są znani z osiągnięć artystycznych.