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Strona główna Shaggy Dog English! WHAT I LIKE ABOUT WINTER...


Everything in the world has its admirers and its foes, but when it comes to winter, it is clear which of these groups predominates, probably because hardly anyone likes the snow under the collar and soaking wet boots. Luckily enough, there are numerous other phenomena relevant to this season, which can sweeten cold winter days. Yes, I am one of those who truly enjoy the charm of white months, and if you happen to be a winter-freak like me, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

What I love about winter is its unique atmosphere. You can ‘walk in the winter wonderland’, as it was sung, which means quiet strolling in the snow-covered streets and roaming under spellbinding dark sky, filled with tiny, gracefully falling white dots. Or, if you are more adventurous, imagine yourself in a dense forest on a slope of a rocky mountain. Doesn’t it sound great? You seem to be surrounded by whiteness, pureness and cleanliness.

Regrettably, the reality isn’t all that magnificent. All we can see around us is melting snow, mixed with sand and salt used for protecting us from breaking our limbs. People are depressed, only children take an advantage of frozen water by making snowmen, sliding and ice-skating and I try to act just like them. You know the saying – when the life gives you  lemons, make lemonade – then why not take the best of winter instead of moaning? Get a gear and do some sport! I chose snowboarding and, believe it or not, now I can’t wait for season to come.



Trochę statystyki

Szkoła działa od 1.09.1987. Jej mury opuściło ponad 5.000 absolwentów. Obecnie edukacją 19 klas zajmuje się 40 nauczycieli.

Nie tylko nauka

Oprócz zajęć dydaktycznych proponujemy spotkania w ramach kół zainteresowań i różnorodne zajęcia sportowe. Od wielu lat działa szkolne koło wolontariatu.

Stale w czołówce

Nasi uczniowie odnoszą sukcesy w konkursach i olimpiadach, zdobywają medale w zawodach sportowych, są znani z osiągnięć artystycznych.