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Strona główna Shaggy Dog English! Another Piece of Science!

Another Piece of Science! Drukuj Email
A little bird told me that some of you really enjoyed the last Piece of Science. So, here I am again!

Last time I began with medicine, so let's stick to the pattern. Each one of us has nearly 75'000 miles of blood vessels in our bodies. That's enough to go round the world three times. In addition, human lungs have a surface of a tennis court. It's a little bit overwhelming, isn't it

Legend has it, Isaac Newton discovered the law of universal gravitation as a teenager when an apple dropped from a tree and hit his head. Even if the story is true, he didn't do anything with his discovery for about 30 years. One day Edmond Halley (you may be familiar with his name due to the famous Halley's Comet) came to Newton looking for help. He made a bet to prove that elliptical orbits of the planets obey a simple mathematical rule. Newton solved his problem and published the finding in the famous book Principia.

You are not what you eat, but what your mother ate. Surprised? You should be. Scientists carried out a series of experiments to prove that inheritance is not only about genes. It turns out that what your grandmother was exposed to while she was pregnant may affect you and you might pass it on to your grandchildren. So remember, don't be selfish!

Last thing might be really hard for you to believe in. The fact is, nothing is really solid. We are full of void. If all the people around the world had this empty space removed, they could be squeezed into a solid smaller than a sugar cube. You must be wondering how 6 billion tennis courts and 18 billion Earth circumferences can fit into a base as small as a dice. Well, imagine yourself inside a spacious building, like a huge church. If this church was a whole atom, its nucleus would be as small as a sand grain. All the rest, except for tiny electrons, is just pure nothing.

Once again I hope you find these curiosities interesting. And, who knows, maybe you'll hear from me soon :)


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