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Strona główna Shaggy Dog English! BEST THINGS IN LIFE ARE INVISIBLE!


littleprinceOver 70 years ago Antoine de Saint-Exupery wrote down these words "It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye." This sentence, though put in children's book, is still confusing to both the young and old. Regardless of different people's opinions it is an undeniable stirring thought.

What exactly do we mean by best things in life? Are they physical? Does everyone have access to them, or are they hard to get to? Can we name an object simply bought in the shop as the best thing in life? If asked we would search deep down in our memories trying to recall that specific place, an item or a person but I truly believe, in conclusion, it would be one of the invisible things.

Imagine sitting on the beach and looking at the sky. When you leave this place that picture in your head will slowly fade away. But the smell of the breeze, the feeling of warm sand underneath your palms won't. All of these sensations are invisible, yet more powerful than the view captured by our eye. They are irreplaceable, and they will stay in your memory for ages sometimes recalling either bad or good memories. If you drink the same coffee every morning it is not the appearance of it we will remember but the taste and the smell. Sometimes we look at things but we do not see them. We accidentally miss them and we wouldn't even notice if they weren'r there. But we can never miss the sound or the taste.

Your favourite song, the tastiest cake, the best perfume. They are not the visible fractures that make them our favourites, but the unseen ones. And it happens quite often that we call some sort of smell, taste or sound the best thing in our life.

The next major thing worth considering is our ability to imagine and think. We obviously can't see anyone's thoughts but that's the beauty of it all. The ability of thinking independently, having different opinions and judgments. Some of our beliefs may not be the same but it only teaches us tolerance and widens our minds. One of the best things in life are our invisible private thoughts that only we have access to. The fact that we all are different, we all have individual ideas is just spectacular. And what about dreams? We can imagine and dream about things without any consequences.

The last thing I'd like to consider is the most common one - love. Not that cliche, stereotypical love, but the desire, passion for life and every aspect of it. The lust for travel, meeting new people, making difference. You won't see the love for life with your eyes, it's impossible. But you can see it with your heart. Love also may be claimed as the best thing in life because where love is there is also good, friendship, faith and many other things we can't imagine our world without. If we feel loved, we feel safe. And there are not many feelings that can be compered to that.

Physical things are definitely important aspects in our lives. People do like to possess objects they can use and look at. But the things that we surely need to live, the best things in life are not the ones anyone can get anytime. They are in our minds and in our hearts, they're something that we create. We recognize them in our individual way by our senses and they mean something different for each and every one of us. They are invisible, yet the most essential.

Anna Kanjerska, 3b


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Szkoła działa od 1.09.1987. Jej mury opuściło ponad 5.000 absolwentów. Obecnie edukacją 19 klas zajmuje się 40 nauczycieli.

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