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Strona główna Shaggy Dog English! Should everyone be allowed to carry a gun?

Should everyone be allowed to carry a gun? Drukuj Email

reasons-carry-gunNovember the 13th, 2015. Eight armed terrorists kill over 130 innocent people and injure other hundreds. Victims are defenseless and have no chance against the attackers. Sounds like the worst nightmare, doesn’t it?  In the sea of speculations and questions there is one that perfectly matches the subject of this article. Could this situation have been stopped sooner if some of the attacked people had had a gun as well? If so then why are there so many people who do not agree on making guns available for everyone?

Supporters of that idea have been saying that everyone is worried that after the legalization, guns could get into hands of some psychopaths but now, when it’s illegal, they get only into theirs. It is not the guns  that kill people, it’s the people. And a person can kill someone with a pen, so what difference does it make if you have a gun or a pen in your pocket? Well, it is a huge difference, the opponents may say. Owning a gun does not only make you feel safe, it also makes you feel powerful. An argument at work or extremely annoying neighbors; it takes seconds to get angry, grab a gun and do something that cannot be undone. People may not know what they are capable of till they actually do have a chance to do it. The fact is that we are irresponsible and we have no idea how to handle some situations. That is what the special services are for. They went through a long process of training and their job is to protect and to serve people, so guns technically seem to be unnecessary for us. The point is that no one really trusts, for example, the police. At least not with their lives. According to statistics, 80% of police officers arrive to a crime scene ten minutes or more after the crime is committed. In this time the victims may die and the criminals may run away. The police have disappointed people’s trust so many times that we feel this need to have extra protection. We do not want to be left without any chance against the attackers. Women say they would feel safer walking alone at night with a gun in their bag but would they really know how to use it in case of emergency? A simple fact of possessing a gun is not enough to protect yourself. That is why people against gun legalization as one of their main arguments claim that some people are too impulsive and could do more harm than they can imagine. As a response to that the opponents say anyone can go through special training before owning a gun. Psychological as well as physical tests would be done and, of course, guns would not be available like water bottles in shops. But what if the amount of shootings after gun legalization would not increase because of the intentional act of people but by accident? There have been plenty of cases about kids accidentally shooting themselves or their friends. For example, in 2012 5-year-old boy shot his 2-year-old sister with gun his parents gave him as a present. This year, October the 20th, 6-year-old boy shot his three years younger brother whilst playing  in the house. These situations would not have taken place if not the easy access to guns.

Gun legalization is a really difficult subject to discuss. It is a worldwide problem that still cannot be solved. Taking all this into account I believe people should have every right to be able to protect themselves and people they care about therefore we all should be allowed to have a gun in our households.

Anna Kanjerska, 3b


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