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Strona główna Shaggy Dog English!

Shaggy Dog English

Welcome to 'Shaggy Dog English', a place where you'll find some articles, reviews or just texts written by students for students. I hope you'll find them entertaining, somehow funny or just good to read. I just hope someone reads this, I mean, who enters school's website for anything more than substitutions? ;-). If you have something interesting to say or you'd like to share your views with other students, talk to Mr Lech - he'll explain you everything and answer your questions – anything goes. So, not to make this any more awkward, just start reading and enjoy the show.:-)


Everything in the world has its admirers and its foes, but when it comes to winter, it is clear which of these groups predominates, probably because hardly anyone likes the snow under the collar and soaking wet boots. Luckily enough, there are numerous other phenomena relevant to this season, which can sweeten cold winter days. Yes, I am one of those who truly enjoy the charm of white months, and if you happen to be a winter-freak like me, you know exactly what I’m talking about.


We’ve already seen a lot of culture here, all the reviews and poetry, so how about something different now? Would you like to know some curiosities from the world of science? Even if you’re not a science-freak, you may find some of these stories interesting, so feel invited!

A bit of poetry! Drukuj Email
Hi there! This time we're having something different - a bit of poetry :) We're not open to just one kind of writing, so if you have anything to say or would like to express yourself, share it with us, don't be shy :) the only condition (apart from being decent, of course) is to write in English. If you're still not convinced, read two poems by Rio and see how easy the good writing comes.

Peace, Love, Music! Drukuj Email


Can you imagine that in our country there's a place where you can enjoy 3 days of absolute freedom spent in rhythm of excellent music, with thousands of friendly people all around you? Yes, there is one and it's called "Przystanek Woodstock". I can honestly say that it's an event which I made my personal, annual tradition and for which I wait whole school year with an enormous excitement.
Are you watching closely? Drukuj Email
Another year (first or last for some of us) has started. Somehow we managed to go through the first three weeks of school. It may not be this terrible yet but I can't imagine a person who wouldn't like summer to last forever...

Sheer lunacy! Drukuj Email
So, Euro 2012 has begun. Since Friday, the only opportunity to go out with our male friends or boyfriends will be only on days when there aren't any matches on TV. These screens filled with people chasing after the ball stole men (and some women) souls. Anyway, I'm not going to write about technical sides of Euro like teams and chances to win for a simple reason - I don't know anything about it. Instead, I want to focus on something else.

Did You know... Drukuj Email

...that the ocean gets its saltiness from the tears of misunderstood sharks who just want to cuddle?

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Szkoła działa od 1.09.1987. Jej mury opuściło ponad 5.000 absolwentów. Obecnie edukacją 19 klas zajmuje się 40 nauczycieli.

Nie tylko nauka

Oprócz zajęć dydaktycznych proponujemy spotkania w ramach kół zainteresowań i różnorodne zajęcia sportowe. Od wielu lat działa szkolne koło wolontariatu.

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Nasi uczniowie odnoszą sukcesy w konkursach i olimpiadach, zdobywają medale w zawodach sportowych, są znani z osiągnięć artystycznych.