Did You know... Drukuj

...that the ocean gets its saltiness from the tears of misunderstood sharks who just want to cuddle?

I’m sure you didn’t ;) What is more, who has ever thought about this kind of fish? Until recently, I thought that I'm the only one. But one day my friends asked me for relating my weird hobby and it changed.

I’m truly in love with sharks. They are mysterious and beautiful creatures. Unfortunately, they have a poor record because of Steven Spielberg's famous movie "Jaws”. However, Jaws wasn't the first time sharks have been given a bad rap. Ancient Greek historian Herodotus claimed that a group of sharks destroyed a Persian fleet in the 5th century B.C., which may have been the first time sharks were tagged with a killer reputation. In my opinion, that wrong attitude results in lack of knowledge. Now, I’ll try to teach you something and change your mind.

Sharks are especially susceptible to the moon's control of ocean tides. The phase of the moon can affect sharks' eating habits and draw them closer to shore ... which in turn, can lead to increased attacks on humans. So, lesson number one– don’t swim after dark.

Next lesson - there's always a chance. ;) Great white sharks - famous "man-eaters” - are picky eaters. Their diet requires lots of fat, and after one bite a great white shark can determine whether or not the meal will satisfy its nutritional needs. If it doesn't, the shark will leave the rest and swim away.

Another lesson - why sharks are so dangerous? Have you ever been hungry enough to eat a horse? How about a spare tire? Researchers have discovered common objects, like tires, gasoline tanks and license plates, left in one piece inside the stomachs of tiger sharks. The answer: they can eat everything.

Another not so optimistic fact -€“ they see us even if we don’t. Sharks can see in murky water because of a special feature that makes their eyes more sensitive to light (like a cat). A membrane in the back of the eye called the tapetum lucidum reflects sunlight back into the eye, so the shark can make more use of what little light is there.

And last but not least, because you have to know that. There are more than 330 species of sharks and only 25 of them attacked people. On the other hand, human is a bigger killer than shark. Sharks attack about 60 people every year, killing barely 5 of them. But in period of one day people kill 2700 sharks!

I have a golden mean. If you think about buying an animal and you can't decide on whether to buy a cat or a dog -€“ buy a little shark. ;) You can help to protect them from becoming extinct
J But seriously, least you can do is not eating soup made of their fins!