Are you watching closely? Drukuj
Another year (first or last for some of us) has started. Somehow we managed to go through the first three weeks of school. It may not be this terrible yet but I can't imagine a person who wouldn't like summer to last forever...

Everyone needs to recall their ways to relax after a stressful schoolday. I think the best, besides meeting with friends, is watching a good movie. I don't know if you're familiar with Christopher Nolan's movies. If not, I'll give you little descriptions of few of his movies. I'm sure at least one of them would appeal to you and you'd choose it for a lazy evening.

I'd like to start with 'Inception', one of my all-time favourites. If you haven't seen this movie yet, you simply have to watch it. Wouldn't you like to dream about anything you want and control everything in it? I could talk for hours about how great this film is, how complex but simple the plot turns out to be and how Hans Zimmer's music makes brilliant climate for entirety. And the idea, one simple idea that changed everything - is this the real life or is this just a dream? You have to find out yourselves. This was the first movie of Nolan's that I've seen and I'm still impressed on his work.

Batman Trilogy is probably the most famous Nolan's production. In spite of my aversion to DC Comics, I really enjoyed the tale about the Dark Knight. Christian Bale did the great job and Heath Ledger as Joker absolutely stole my heart. If you add Cillian Murphy, Gary Oldman, Liam Neeson and Morgan Freeman, you get an awesome cast. The story is gripping, plain and uncommon at the same time. We like Bruce Wayne, pity him and amaze how he mixes his usual and extraordinary lives. Although, if you don't like Batman or action movies and you like to have your mind blown, I've got two more offers for you.

Have you ever watched a film that goes from its end to beginning? 'Memento' is about a man who wants to find his wife's murderer. It would be easy if he didn't have one problem - because of an accident, he doesn't remember anything that happened in more than 15 minutes earlier. In that time his memory 'resets' and he starts from scratches. Or, in his case, from tattoos. He tattoos the most import_ant information on him in order to remember how close he is to catch the stranger. Will he succeed? Nolan showed his talent in one of the very first pictures and let the world know that he was just getting started.

And last, but not least. Watching 'The Prestige' was like a travel to a whole different world. I loved the atmosphere of 19th-century and the history about two illusionist competing with each other. Their rivalry starts tragically and gains momentum with every move. Characters played by Hugh Jackman and (again) Christian Bale envy each other's secrets of making tricks and this jealousy, obviously, doesn't bring them any good. This film shows how obsession and desire for revenge at all costs lead to human's fall when winning is all that matters. Magic is only the means to reach the goal, but there's one more thing: are you watching closely?

So, if you like solving riddles, spending time in an unique reality or you're a fan of Batman, remember Christopher Nolan's name. He's not an illusionist, he can't go into dream within a dream, but he surely can create something you can't take your eyes off. I promise - you won't regret letting him into your life. And, what is more, you may even not want him to go away.