Peace, Love, Music! Drukuj


Can you imagine that in our country there's a place where you can enjoy 3 days of absolute freedom spent in rhythm of excellent music, with thousands of friendly people all around you? Yes, there is one and it's called "Przystanek Woodstock". I can honestly say that it's an event which I made my personal, annual tradition and for which I wait whole school year with an enormous excitement.
Its history dates back to 1995 but since 2004, Woodstock Music Festival takes place in Kostrzyn nad Odrą and is ceaselessly arranged by Jurek Owsiak. An unbelievable amount of effort put by him in the festival made it a worldwide known attraction.
The feeling of being surrounded by up to 700,000 people is almost impossible to explain by words, you just have to be there! They all came there to have fun during music concerts, laze at campsite, meet one another and forget about all the problems of day-to-day life.
What's import_ant, the event is completely free of charge! Thanks to sponsors and reasonable spending of funds, "Przystanek Woodstock" is unique and it becomes bigger and bigger from year to year!
Except Polish musicans, more well-known bands (like Papa Roach, Sabaton, The Prodigy, Skindred) notice the great opportunity of performing in front of massive amount of audience gathered in Kostrzyn. Artists remember Polish people kindly and enthusiastically. In my opinion, the view of moshing and crowd surfing people is one of the most impressive and memorable.
The diversity of nationalities is huge, from Germans and Dutch to Russians, English or Australians! It's priceless to hear native Englishman speaking with his accent and eating noodles and then to wonder what he wanted to say. In moments like these I realize, how shameful my English is :). Furthermore, it's worth to mention the presence of representatives of many different subcultures.
The climate of a trip itself is also special, it's a good start to meet new people on crowded train, laughing and singing songs together.
Public opinions about "Przystanek Woodstock" are evidently divided, you must have heard some of them mentioning violence, drug abuse etc. but volunteers and instructed security guards do what they can to make your stay safe. Some unfortunate incidents can't be avoided just like everywhere. The key is to remember to enjoy all the fun responsibly and take care of your friends.
So, if you're eager for unforgettable summer trips, I definitely recommend you all to see and feel the experience provided by the world's most beautiful music festival.