Prom's superstitions! Drukuj
Our school prom is just tomorrow. Some of us have been prepared for this day for months - girls have bought dresses and chosen hairstyles and guys have picked suits and ties. I know a few people (including me) though who doesn't have their outfit completed yet. I hope everyone managed to buy and find everything they needed. But does everyone remember about prom's superstitions? There're a lot of them, some are unbelievable and foolish but despite this fact most of school graduates trust in their power. Do you know them? I chose few examples of the most popular ones and, who knows, maybe I'll test them myself.

Red underwear is the most common superstition. This colour of lingerie is believed to bring luck when taking Matura in May. Tradition says to wear the underwear inside out on the prom and on the exam - the normal way. You musn't wash them between these dates! Girls should wear a red garter, too. The custom doesn't say on which leg it ought to be worn but some people think the left leg is the right choice (because it's "from the heart").

Another belief is about polonaise, the official dance. If you want to be lucky during the exams you have to mistake the steps on purpose. Some of us may do it accidentally but I think this also counts.

The next thing to remember concerns shoes and ties. Girls can't take their high-heels off and boys can't remove their ties until the end of the party under any circumstances! Ladies should also invest in perfect tights - if they tear up we must revise before exams as much as possible because misfortune will get us by the time we answer the last question.

A different superstition is connected with hair. You musn't cut it from the day of the prom until the last day of Matura. If you do it, you "cut off" your whole knowledge and may have vacancy when writing an essay about obligatory books and poems. This one can be a bit difficult for boys and if you're wondering it's not applicable for facial hair. In fact, every man has to be perfectly shaved for the tests.

There are more prom beliefs and prejudices, such as wearing a thread tied on the wrist by a kind person or something borrowed from a smart person. One is especially funny: after everyone lefts the prom each class has to go to the biggest monument in the city and jump around it as many times as the grade they want to get. It was easier when the grades from Matura were from 1 to 6, now it'd be harder to bounce round a memorial a hundred times. This custom became figurate but it still sounds like a lot of fun.

I think we're going to have the time of our lives tomorrow night. Even if we forget the red panties and wear blue ones, take off our fabulous stilettos at 10pm or don't caper in the middle of Lubin round some big rocks, this party will be unforgettable. So get into your dress, suit up, prepare for one of the best moments in your life and see you tomorrow!