About PE lessons... Drukuj

wfNowadays more and more young people consider PE lessons as a waste of their time. They indicate only drawbacks of this subject. They cannot notice the positive aspects of participating in PE. In my essay I would like to consider the pros and the cons of removing PE from school timetables.

            First of all , a lot of students just do nothing at PE lessons. For such people this subject is definitely a waste of time. They could learn maths or physics instead of being lazy at gymnasium.
            Secondly, some teenagers have various health problems which do not allow them to take part in a physical training. I recon they will be also much happier when they could spend this time in more productive way.
           On the other hand, there are also drawbacks of school without PE as an obligatory subject. Sport helps us being fit and healthy. PE lesson is the only opportunity to be active for some group of teenagers.
           The other reason to stick to the present timetable with PE is that it supports fighting with obesity among youth. It is another important conclusion connected with the topic of health.
          To sum up, there are as many pros as cons of physical education, but to my mind it should stay as an obligatory subject in school.

                                                                                              Kamil Kotliński IIIA