PE - waste of time? Drukuj

peMore and more students claim that obligatory physical education in schools is a waste of time. According to them, these lessons should be totally removed from the timetables. But let us consider if it is a good idea after all.

To start with, we should take a look at some of the advantages of this solution. Firstly, science studies are the rising point of interest of nowadays students. It means that they would more likely have maths or geography lessons instead of running or playing volleyball in the hall. They believe that it will help them achieve more success in science. Secondly, those who are into sports, do not need physical education at school because they attend some extra classes and have variety of teams to join and develop their physical abilities.

On the other hand, the society of today, is becoming lazier and lazier. Lack of physical effort leads to various diseases and major health issues like obesity and heart attacks. Also our work more often involves sitting at the desk throughout the whole day and as an addition, we refuse to do some excercises on our own. Moreover, doing some excercises delivers more oxygen to our brains and that is crucial especially for students because thay can think more clearly and effectively.

To sum up, it is vital to combine physical and mind excercises and if I were to decide, I would not remove PE from schools due to the fact that it would only decrease the effectivnes of studying and cause more health problems among young people.